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Pest Infestation And Preventative Maintenance

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Pest Infestation And Preventative Maintenance A pest infestation can make a unit uninhabitable pretty quickly. Because landlords are required by law to maintain livable conditions, it is in the best interest of both parties to stay on top of pest control and related preventative maintenance. Both parties—the tenant and the landlord—play an active role in

Maintenance Tips for Tenants

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Maintenance Tips for Tenants Aced Maintenance feels strongly that tenants are entitled to have a livable home regardless of where the property is located or how much they pay in rent. A livable space means having such things as providing trash receptacles and trash pick-up, supplying hot and cold water, and keeping basic structural elements

Regular Maintenance Protects Your Property

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Regular Maintenance Protects Your Property Owning property is a large investment. Like any investment, it should be managed by professionals. Part of this includes performing regular maintenance to keep your property well maintained. There are three reasons why you want to schedule regular maintenance on your property: You’ll lose money if you don’t. No one

In-House versus Contracted Maintenance

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In-House versus Contracted Maintenance | Which is better for my St. Louis Rental Property?   The argument has been made about whether using in-house maintenance or contracted maintenance is more efficient. Contracting work can ensure the work is done correctly the first time with highly qualified vendors, while using in-house maintenance teams can be timely

Who Do St. Louis Property Owners Hire for Rental Maintenance and Repairs?

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VIDEO: Who Do St. Louis Property Owners Hire for Rental Maintenance and Repairs?   Property management companies have different approaches to maintenance management, and rental property owners should understand these before deciding which company they hire. Some companies offer in-house maintenance where they hire a maintenance staff that performs all the work. Other companies outsource

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