Aced Maintenance Employs A Full-Time, Well-Trained Staff, Allowing Us To Handle Almost Every Maintenance Need. What Separates Us From Your General Handyman?

Services are provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Services provided are high quality and timely

Aced carries workers’ compensation and general liability insurance

Aced stands behind all its work

When projects arise that require specialized training, such as roof replacement, the work is often subcontracted to one of our preferred vendors. Aced maintains a list of qualified, reputable contractors for all types of work. We foster a strong relationship with many contractors, which results in better pricing and more timely service. Our team will coordinate obtaining multiple bids for your review and will schedule and coordinate the job itself.

Maintenance And Call Center Services Offered

Aced offers maintenance and repair services as well as a 24-hour maintenance call center. Our staff provides comprehensive handyman services for interior and exterior repairs. Aced will provide estimates along with timelines for completion and our work is guaranteed. Many property management companies, property owners, business owners, banks managing real estate and condo associations utilize the call center service as a cost effective alternative to taking the calls themselves.

Emergency Maintenance Services

For your convenience, Aced Maintenance provides 24-hour emergency maintenance services. If you have a maintenance emergency, you can contact our on-call manager at 314-833-5225 and select option 1. Our experienced staff will answer your call and determine the urgency of the repair. They will dispatch a technician if there is a true emergency. Non-emergencies will be addressed during business hours to save on unnecessary emergency maintenance costs.

Periodic Walk Through Service

Conducting a thorough walk-through inspection is crucial to ensure residents are meeting their lease obligations. This walk-through helps identify any maintenance issues that can be remedied before turning into a serious issue. A walk-through provides a condition report on the property and identifies:

  • How the resident maintains the property
  • Neglected, deferred, and preventative maintenance
  • Needed capital improvements

Preventative Maintenance Services

By performing preventative maintenance on your property, you will save a lot of frustration, headaches, time, and money. Taking care of small problems now helps prevent issues from worsening over time and possibly having a chance to cause long term damage. In addition, routine preventative maintenance increases your property value.

Spring And Fall Specials

Our team will visit your property to perform an HVAC and water heater inspection prior to the summer and winter extreme temperatures.

Handy Man Services

Looking for a different handyman service? We have you covered. We offer more than just preventative maintenance. Let us know what you need and we can send a service technician out to help.

Lawncare And Snow Removal

Aced Maintenance can relieve you of all your outdoor lawncare and snow removal duties. Regularly scheduled lawn mowing, periodic tree and bush trimming, shoveling sidewalks and snowplowing are just a few of our abilities. Use the form below to contact us for more detail.

Prices will vary based on property type.

Relationships And Preferred Contractors

We focus on what we know well. When work is needed that’s outside of our areas of expertise, we talk to our preferred contractors, who are some of the most qualified, reputable professionals we’ve ever met. Our strong relationships result in better pricing and more timely services.

What Our Customers are Saying

Our church currently has 3 properties that are managed by Aced Maintenance. Whenever we have had any type of maintenance service needed, Aced Maintenance has always been able to take care of the concern very quickly. We are very happy with the service we receive from them and would recommend them to anyone. We especially have received great service from the Maintenance & Property Manager.


Working with the team at Aced was a honestly VERY pleasant. They worked to get my property in great condition to rent. Their maintenance team was transparent which is what I appreciated a lot. Aside from that, their leadership is awesome. They owner of the company takes pride in his business and does what he can to ensure that everything that happens, happens fairly. If you are looking for a ‘A’ grade property management company, Aced is the way to go.


I want to thank Aced Maintenance and all your maintenance crew for the incredible service and prompt responses to all of my service requests over the 10 years I have lived here. Without a doubt, you have been the best company I have ever rented from and hope to continue our partnership.